Saturday, November 28, 2009

At The Feet of A Master of Detective Fiction: P. D. James

For anyone interested in writing detective fiction (or crime fiction for that matter), a great new Master Class is at hand: "Talking About Detective Fiction" by P. D. James will be released on December 1, 2009. The perfect stocking stuffer gift (I know I've added it to my wish list!) for the holidays for any writer of mystery, crime, and detective fiction.

P. D. James is one of a cadre of Grand Dames of the British school of the detective novel. Alongside Dorothy Sayres, Agatha Christie, Martha Grimes, Ruth Rendell, Josephine Tey and countless others. Published since the 1960's, her mysteries are atmospheric, complex, and oh-so-British. And there are plenty of them to satisfy even the most speedy of readers. But for the writer seeking to create a unique protagonist who will stand out among the pantheon of the greatest, this book is a must. (Along with her great mysteries, themselves.)

Can't wait? Then check out the P. D. James site that has a link to writing detective fiction to tide you over.

And in the meantime, Merry Murder!

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